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What I Love Most About Pakistan

Now that honestly isn't a very easy question to answer. The reason isn't that its very hard to think of anything admirable about Pakistan, but rather its about choosing the best out of it.

When I saw the teabreaks's campaign regarding 14th August, in which you have to share something you love about Pakistan, I started wondering what could it be. Several thoughts crossed my mind, and I thought of making a top ten or twenty list, but guess I'll stick to one and most favorite reason in my eyes for loving Pakistan.

Before stating it, I'd like to add a small personal thing about me first that by the Grace of God, I had the opportunity to visit many developed countries since my childhood, so I'm not a kind of person who hasn't seen World, or who would be fascinated by observing something ordinary, so when I mean that this thing about Pakistan is out of the box, it means that its something that I'm proud of when I go abroad.

And that thing is none other than the Natural Green Beauty of Pakistan, its forests, rivers, mountains.. you name it. I've seen Canada, US, few European places who were renowned because of their gifts from nature, but none was even close to our Northern areas when it comes to the Natural Beauty. Our forests in the mountains of NWFP, the chill refreshing water of Lake Saif-ul-Malook, ice covered peaks of Himaliya series and K2, and I don't know what else. All I know is that when I watched the scenaries while going uphill to Nathia Gali, or saw several small villages while visiting Tarbela Dam, I observed the stuff, so beautiful, charming and attractive which I haven't witnessed in other parts of the World. I saw few tourists there too, who were surprised to see how beautiful Pakistan really is, and how opposite is the image of Pakistan in the eyes of World.

A relative of mine who used to live in Switzerland and now in Saudia Arabia visited those places. She said that a major amount of revenue that is generated by that country is in term of tourism, the government promotes it worldwide, and manages to attract several thousands of people each year who love to see the nature in its full bloom, but places like those in Pakistan were nothing in comparison, according to her. She said I'm surprised why Pakistan isn't earning much from tourism.

And yet thats a point our government should ponder about. Nepal survives because of Mount Everest only, they haven't got any other source of income, so the several other countries. Our Government has made progress in this regard though, the roads and highways from Islamabad to these places is pretty smooth, facilitated by several hotels and restaurants, but still a need of proper campaign should be felt to advertise these places. This could become a bigger part of our GDP.

I read somewhere that a German tourist said that its really surprising how Pakistan is a poor country despite of owning K2.

Whenever I visit Nathia Gali or Abottabad or Kaghan or any other areas in their vicinity, and when I look at all the massive natural beauty they have got, I really feel proud as a Pakistani, as I feel that all that stuff down there, all the greenery and blue water, I share some pride in it because I was born on this land, in that very country which has been gifted with what others don't have.

And thats all I wanted to say. I'm sharing some photos (Album 1 , 2) too which I took at those places and would love to share with the readers. Hope you'll enjoy it. :)


Arsalan Mir said...

Tourism the topic raised time and again but I fail to understand why doesn't our government act on this. Anyways Hamza very well written and the video speaks for itself :).

HamzaZafar said...

Thanks for your comment Arsalan, and yes tourism itself could prove to be a very profitable sector in our Country.
Maybe that sentence would grab the attention of our leaders :)

CATGIRL said...

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Ali said...

I agree. tourism will not only increase our national income, it will also improve our international relations.

Send flowers to Pakistan

Ali said...

I agree tourism will not only increase our national income, it will also improve the international relations.

Send flowers to Pakistan

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