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Microsoft hatred for Google

Saw this video on facebook, and couldn't believe that there are still some professional people in the industry who don't know how to use google for their queries, or its that which Microsoft wants to point out :)

Microsoft is trying to take over the searching business by launching , don't know whether they have that kind of network architecture which google has got, but I think it would be a fun competition, and thats competition has already started on marketing grounds. Take a look at the video below.


SAWJ said...

Let's see how Bing fares. My initial experience has been good.

I searched the keyword 'sawj' and Google returned my personal blog at the top and my tech blog at second, while Bing results were 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Then I searched 'Volmax' (company where I work) and our homepage was 2nd on Bing. On Google, it was on the third page!

Umair Wasi said...

Its quite true that Google's search engine some time gives odd results but if we look overall then Google stand alone in search engines' ranking and it gives more & exact page results of a query than others.

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