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Lets Support Our Cricket Team

Today is one of the big and memorable day in the history of Pakistani Cricket team. Today they will be facing Sri Lanka in the final match of World Cup t20 Cricket, 2009. Both teams have earned their position into the finale, and no doubts that all players of both teams must be on their toes, practicing hard for the final match.

There are many Pakistani supporters in Pakistan or around the world, who want to support their team in the match, but somehow it doesn't seem possible to do so. They think how can you support the team when you are not even in the stadium. Well, thats not entirely true. Many sports enthusiasts have been supporting their team over Internet and now we are about to do the same by using twitter.

Those of you who are familiar with twitter don't need much explanation. Just keep tweeting your supporting comments with #PakCricket tag in your tweets. Those who don't know how to use it can get the instructions from here.

Online commentary and updates are provided by and are available here. You can join this online party too to show your support.

So lets rock the twitter today with tweets supporting our cricket team. We CAN do this, and we WILL do this, Inshallah.

Best of Luck Pakistani Cricket Team. Long Live Pakistan, Long Live Cricket :)

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Going to Watch Apple WWDC 2009 Live NOW!

The day has finally arrived and top-notch minds of IT Industry are here under one roof of Apple, discussing and deciding the future of Computer Industry. Can't wait to see what they have got for us to announce this year.

I was searching the webosphere to get hold on some good links to get the updates of the event, here is a short list of those site which will be covering the Apple WWDC 2009 Live.

The event is about to start in half an hour... lets see if they have got some new fancy concept or gadget for us, or its just another show to exhibit their new upgraded laptops. Read more ...

Microsoft hatred for Google

Saw this video on facebook, and couldn't believe that there are still some professional people in the industry who don't know how to use google for their queries, or its that which Microsoft wants to point out :)

Microsoft is trying to take over the searching business by launching , don't know whether they have that kind of network architecture which google has got, but I think it would be a fun competition, and thats competition has already started on marketing grounds. Take a look at the video below.

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