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Hey Wait.. Peter Petrelli Cant do that..!

Just finished watching the 25th episode (season 3) of HEROES, and I think they have committed the biggest possible mistake they can do in the whole series, and thats not showing Nathan or Sylar dead, that was awesome infact. Their mistake was the part when Peter takes over the Sylar as President.

Peter is not capable to do that man, how the hell did writers and directors made that up? Peter can only absorb ability of others, when he touched Sylar, he absorbed his ability of How things Work, not his "memory" of how shape shifting works! For that, he had to kill the Sylar, open his head-up, and then search for that memory which could show him how to shape-shift. Besides that, he'll just know how things work, NOT how every ability works!

Thats the biggest mistake which I was really disappointed to see. They covered the Sylar VS Peter thing very nicely in season 1, Peter was absorbing everyone's ability and fought Sylar, but he didn't get the "things" of Sylar, Why? because he absorbed Sylar's power, not his knowledge of how power works. That was the real logic, but now they have messed it up!

Really disappointed to see that, as its one of my favorite TV shows. Lets see what happens next!


Anonymous said...


I think, Peter picked it up, when Peter and Nathan fought Sylar while the audience had to wait outside with Claire. I thought that was a nice turn of episode. I understood, it was the plan for Peter to pick up a relevant ability.

Hamza Zafar said...

Peter surely picked up the ability, and now he can figure out how things work, he can determine sped of a ticking clock and etc etc...

But he'll never know about shape shifting, unless he absorbs that ability directly from someone having this power, or he uses Sylar's power to open that shape-shifter head, study it, and then realize how to shape-shift.

Thats the main point buddy, thats the punch line, and they have done a serious mistake in it! :)

Anonymous said...

his ability to figure out how things work was wiped out, when his father took his abilites away, remember that? He then injected himself with the formula but it only gave him the ability to absorb only one power at a time. Otherwise you'd see him use the abilities he picked up in the past. Now he can only get power from direct contact with others. So it's a blank slate with him now.

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