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The thing which disgusts me most

While reading News on my laptop this morning, I found out something which I always, always hate about Pakistani media, and it is the basis on which I say that our own media plays a vital role in demoralizing our people, and damage the image of Pakistan in the world, rather than help improving it!

Take a look at this:

Our local media reports at what happens in Dir, an unknown small city of Pakistan famous for nothing, that some kids brought a home-made bomb which killed 13! On the top, you can also see the similar story in CNN top story lines! I bet they don't have their correspondents in there, must have picked it from our local sources.

Could anyone explain this to me how that story was beneficial for Pakistan? What change did it bring? but the similar story revolved on several news sites on Internet, including CNN which has got billions of viewers worldwide, and that story would do nothing, but to hurt the image of Pakistan more severely!

The local media should report with more responsibility, such incidents happen everywhere in the world, but their media always cover the stories which are not in their national interest. Why can't we do the same? Why can't we be a part of improving the situation rather than be a part of disturbing it?

Such kind of stories and columns are among the reasons about the opinion of World they have about Pakistan, and WE need to control it before it gets way much out of our hand, or else someone important sitting somewhere in the World might cancel his/her business tour to Pakistan due to security threats after reading such news!


Anonymous said...

"such incidents happen everywhere in the world"
You are seriously disoriented in your thinking.
Perhaps you meant "everywhere in the Muslim world". No one could argue with that.

Hamza Zafar said...

I'm afraid I have to disagree with you here. If it was so common in the Muslim World, their population would have extinct by now!
What I meant is that such unimportant stories carries massive tags with them which are not in our national interest, and every country, no matter how FREE their media is, ditch those stories which are against their national Interest!
We can follow their lead to improve our already messy image in front of other nations!

Captain03 said...

such stories tell the truth about taliban and expose them to the public eye. I am on the side of our media on this one.

sameer said...

come on yaar, have a heart---of course no news (in pakistan at least) is good news, but its just a way to spread the info in an illeterate society such as pakistan to keep children away from things laying on the street even if they are toys since there could be repercussions. At last many people will be more aware now.

Omar said...

Hamza, enjoyed this article and I completely agree with you buddy. I just wrote a recent one as well on my Blog so check it out if you get a chance. I think you'll enjoy it.

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