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SMS Catches the Controversy

I remember those days when the domain and was banned by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) due to its massive content, among which were the blasphemous pics of our beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H). The gov wanted to demonstrate to its people how concerned they are on different social and religious grounds for them. There thinking to ban the content was right, but the way of its implementation was absolutely wrong.

Same might God-forbid happen again. There's a video below, showing Rehman Malik (National Minister of Information) stating that we have to control the acts of terrorism which are spread via SMS. We should try to control it, or else we would be left with no other chance but to disable the SMS service in Pakistan.

By the phrase "Acts of Terrorism", I assume they are referring to those text messages which make fun of govt officials and spread false Information on sensitive topics, like downfall of economy, different crisis, etc.

Taking steps against terrorists and their means of terrorism is a good initiative, but I really, really wish that someone from somewhere could tell the government that its NOT the right thing which they are doing! It will only result in more frustration for Pakistani people, especially youngsters who are almost addicted with the low-price SMS packages of Pakistani Cellular Networks.

The next thing, which is a bit technical, but I would like to state it here with the hope that it might help our authorities a bit, before they make their decision, that disabling SMS because it spreads negativity, stuff against government or anything won't help in stopping it. There's always an alternative for everything! They have Internet full of this stuff, now they won't ban the whole Internet, Right? (Would they??). What they CAN do to help the situation, is to start monitoring the messages, and if any prohibited content is found in it, it should be tracked back to its origin, and that person should be sentenced for breaking the law. PTA has already defined its policies regarding the content monitoring and registration of users, before they subscribe for any mobile/landline service, which means that they'll have a proper mean to track-back the creator of the content.

That might help more than banning the whole SMS service, which holds a major portion in the revenue of cellular networks!


Captain03 said...

they are blocking it because the terrorists use it, loooking at the place our government is at right now i don't think they care much about what the average person thinks about them via sms

Hamza Zafar said...

Terrorists would still be able to use it, moreover they can also do their STUFF by making phone calls (Functions are same, if u know what I mean)!

Next time if some mishap happens through a landline phone, then whats their next plan? Block all landline calls? That wouldn't help much!

You are not supposed to choose stuff for your ban list from the things that terrorists use, you have to CONTROL its use, check & balance, so that it stays in the right hands. You also have to take care of the other 170 Million people too, don't u? :)

Anonymous said...

i fully support blocking sms if it is necessary for securkty of pakistan.all you people who are against this dunt have any other alterative.pakista n first and everything elase thing is seecond eeven sms.

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