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Fast and the Furious 2009

I was waiting for this movie for a long time, maybe after watching Tokyo Drift or so, don't exactly remember when, but I do remember that I watched Tokyo Drift in September 2006 :) and was really excited to see Vin Diesel in the end. I thought at that moment, if this franchise would come up with a 4th part, and when Vin Diesel will be drifting the whole movie with his American Muscle, it would be simply Awesome!

So finally, the movie hit the cinema after almost 3 years of my waiting, 3 years! The reason I've been waiting for it is because I love cars, and street racing (especially illegal ones) and I always love to watch any Hollywood movie based on it, but unfortunately, they haven't been producing any quality films in this genre lately. Their best shot might be movies like torque or red line, but nothing compares to this franchise.

Fortunately, the movie was released in Pakistan too, just few days after its US release, and I was keen to watch it on a big screen here at the local cinema, but all hails to my hectic University schedule, I never got time to go to a theater, and as the time passed, I was getting more and more tempted to watch it (Some of my friends already watched it and said that they loved it, got tired and a bit angry after reading all their good comments about it on facebook), so I did what I always do, downloaded a good quality TS print, and viola... My waiting ended!

I don't like to dig the story by telling what happened, instead I prefer to comment on what I liked or hated most in the movie. The starting was good, though I saw that scene a million times as a teaser and in trailers, but still I enjoyed it (Thanks God they didn't do what Sam Riami did to Spiderman 3) then the story proceed and I was excited to see Han (don't know his real name) in the movie so early, but after that he just disappeared, no more scenes by him, and still they were close enough in the story to be termed as family, as they said in Tokyo Drift!

One thing I noticed that they brought a major change in the theme. This movie was all about "driving", not about "Racing", which is the main theme of the franchise, and let me tell you why its different!

The First part of the Fast and Furious was about Drag racing, which mostly happened in there. Drag racing, racing and more racing. That movie was about faster cars, hot chicks, and street racing. Then came the second part, what changed was the type of racing, they moved on to Sprint racing in 2 Fast 2 Furious, and to the drift racing the third part.

I was hoping something like that, or a mixture of all the previous races in this part, but they brought a major change, they converted they whole theme into 'driving for drug smuggling' instead of 'street racing' which was disappointing to see. They did the same in second part, but they had a strong story line there, I was hoping to see the same in here, but I guess I didn't!

What else surprised me in the movie, is that when they were trying to kidnap the boss of that Spanish gang, they used exotic cars for the extraction, despite they already knew that they would be traveling through a deserted, sandy land. Such cars, no matter how good they are on road, never perform in sinking sand. I'm not an expert to comment on that, but still I don't know what they were thinking.

What else was in the movie? The whole internet is flooding with those stories, I just wrote what I thought was missing. and oh yes, how can I forget the ending! I simply loved the ending, when Vin Diesel was convicted for 25 years in jail, I said to my self what the hell? They wouldn't me making any 5th part? but my smile couldn't get any broader when I saw Paul Walker chasing the prison van. They might also use Jason Statham for transporting him :)

That was it in my own personal review. Overall the movie is worth watching. If you love cars, wild driving and underground crime movies, you'll love it, but for the Fast and Furious franchise fans, its kind of disappointing.

I'll give it 8.2/10


Alam said...

"I do remember that I watched Tokyo Drift in September 2009" ?

Hamza Zafar said...

Ops, My Bad! I meant 2006.
BTW, I did mention 'after 3 years of waiting' in second paragraph.. :)

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