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Whats New in Apple iPhone Firmware 3.0?

Despite of the fact that currently, Apple proudly enjoys more than 15% market share for its iPhone in global Smartphone market, some basic features, which are generally taken for granted when it comes to Smart phones, were still missing in it. When it was first launched in year 2006, a great amount of attention was paid on its advertising, and it was said to be “atleast 5 years more advance than any phone on Earth”, but after its release, people who bought it, realized that they have actually emptied their pocket on such a phone, which can’t even forward an SMS, nor has any sort of MMS capability, and can’t even play a simple Flash video.

Despite of the fact that iPhone’s marvelous multi-touch display and attractive GUI were fairly good enough to impress anyone, some geeks and Apple fan were still not “fully satisfied” with it, due to the lack of several important features. Apple started encountering these challenges one by one and made several modification in its firmware! Release of 3.0 firmware is a part of it, in which they have “Inherently” introduced several features for iPhone. Though, there is still some room left for a lot of further important modifications, but still it was a good approach from the company. On March 17, Apple conducted a conference and introduced the World with its new firmware update, which according to Apple, contains more than 100 visible and under-the-hood tweaks! A brief list is given below:

~Cut, copy, and paste
~GPS/mapping tweaks
~In-app purchases
~Landscape mode tweaks
~MMS send and receive
~P2P networking
~Push notifications
~Systemwide search

It still lacks some basic features, like recording a video (Yup, believe it) and some other nice privileges, which definitely produce temptation for the iPhone user to jailbreak it, but looks like Apple has started paying attention on it, and might take these issues more seriously in future. Rumors has it that Apple might do something on video recording, multi tasking and better camera-image-quality on their next firmware update! Lets see how they surprise us in their next future event!

Watch the event ceremony here!


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I was planning to upgrade my current software to 3.0.
Great info you have here, thanks

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