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TV Shows which REALLY Sucks!

I started watching TV series of US by Heroes and Prison Break (my favs), but later I thought that I should also give a try to some other popular series. I tried some, and the results are here. I thought it would be good to share on my blog :)

DollHouse: The Show was recently launched, I downloaded first two eps. After watching the first eps, it gave me that much disappointment, that I decided not to watch second ep, and deleted them both. Really, a very unhealthy and uninteresting story line, for me atleast!

KnightRider: I don't hate this show, but its not lovely either. First ep was really magnificent, and I loved it. Downloaded several other eps, but same old one-episode-mission didn't look too good. The season gain momentum after the introduction and appearance of "Karr", but that was only in one episode, and to my surprise, Kitt (The super-cool car in Knight Rider) managed to defeat that transformer type car in few seconds, with most of its function inoperable. That was... not good! Disappointing! Now I'm not watchig it anymore. I'm waiting when they'll get on some really interesting mission, where Karr, or something like that is involved too!

How I Met Your Mother: Neil Patrick Harris, You're awesome! Going up to date with this series, haven't missed an episode and I just love the Show! My favorite show in comedy genre after FRIENDS.

CSI Miami: Currently watching its 5th season and its looking good. Its good for people with interest in suspense and crime stories. I'm enjoying this show.

Dexter: Tried it, and then dumped it! Not my type.

Lost: I'll start watching it from first season and then will let you know. Haven't started it yet, but the rumor has it that its doing great on TV!

24: Really good... Every season has got 24 episodes, and each episode represents one hour of the day. The activity within each hour is in each episodes, which makes it a kind of long, thrilling movie. Worth Watching.

The IT Crowd: Its a British show I guess, and isn't that good. Comedy is not upto the mark, nor acting by the team. Just an average comedy show.

Grey's Anatomy: Good for people who like some serious drama stories, its really good, emotional and romantic, and revolves around the story of a Hospital's Doctors and Patients. It has got a good story line, acting and other qualities, which makes it worth-watching.

Scurbs: I wonder how Scurbs got in my mind after writing Grey's Anatomy? :) The thing is that they both revolve around Hospital life, but this one takes it in a Hilarious way, it has got some good jokes and comedy actions, and I love watching it. Its really good!

Supernatural: I'm not much into vampires and devils, so I don't watch stuff like this. If you like such things, do give it a try!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: First of all, let me say this: I really really hate it, when in the starting, I hear the voice of Sarah saying "A Computer programed to destroy the World". Damn it man, who on Earth would program anything like that? Why even machines would do that? are they planning to camp on moon or something while they will enjoy the destruction of Earth? I don't know. The series is just OK, because the story line is not same as of the orignal Terminator series, there are some differences. No mood to watch it anymore!

Fringe: The duration of its first episode of first season was 80 minutes, and I wasted my 80 minutes watching it! it sucks! really really sucks!! In the starting it was looking really great, but gradually the whole movie became a big stupid thing for me. So unreal and unclear storyline which failed to develop my interest in it.

Thats pretty much it! Don't remember any other show which I have watched lately! Hopefully it would be helpful to some extent for someone who wants to get the best out of the TV series crowd! Enjoy watching :)


zubi khan said...

I am sorry ..I highly disagree with alot of your analysis....24 is stupid...fringe is good enough..grey's anatomy sucks ....i do agree wth some analysis..:P

Hamza Zafar said...

Everyone has a unique taste in fiction stuff, like TV shows and Movies... I was just sharing mine based on my experience because I watch'em a LOT!

So, it doesn't mean that everyone has to like what I like.. its OK to disagree :)

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