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The Politicians' Dilemma

The Internet news sites, social news networks, blogs and so many news-feed sites are flooded with the news of SriLankan Cricket event and people from everywhere are accusing Pakistanis agencies for this misfortunate event, but the govt officials and reporters are sitting almost idle and doing absolutely nothing to defend their position. That makes them the culprit, even if they are not. Why is no one out there to tell CNN or other media that security was there, thats why they survived, were not kidnapped as planned, or else the terroirsts were not out there to show their shooting skills in front of the world... Why no political leader of ours stood in front of media to explain the situation clearly from Pakistani prespective? Was it really really their fault? are they hiding something? or are they shy enough to admit the involvment of Indian agencies behind all this? Whatever the reason is, they are really screwing it up for no reason, and no one is loving that, inside or outside of Pakistan.

The Pak authorities must answer all the questions and accusations from media, only feeling sorry or saying it won't help. Those who were responsible for their safety should be subjected to a strict audit to find out the truth and that should be revealed open on media, whether anyone likes it or not.


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