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My Book Reading Experience on iPhone 3G

Internet is flooded with news and reviews of kindle software from Amazon, which allows you to download and read books on the go with "convenience". At first, I used to think that nothing can place the feeling of reading and touching a physical book, turning its pages, moving across it, etc etc (also I was convinced that its easy on eyes too), but when I tried Stanza on my iPhone, I was amazed how much I was enjoying reading my book.

If you haven't heard of stanze, then allow me to introduce you to it. Its a program just like Kindle, but a lot better than it. Reasons? Its FREE. Not only the app, some books are legally free, rest can be downloaded from Internet (all major titles are easily available, you just have to google it) in pdf and other supported format for FREE.

All you have to do is download the desktop version of Stanza on your computer and its iPhone app on your iPhone. Then you have to connect your computer with iPhone via Wi-Fi (preferrably, see installation manual for details) and you can easily select any pdf you want to read on your iPhone. Within few seconds, the book will be converted to some other format which will be readable by Stanza.

The disadvantage are that while converting a PDF, the words get a bit crippled, means they don't appear in an orderly manner, rather they look scrambled and dissorted. Paragraphs are gone, no header, no footer, no page number. Just words, words and words. Sounds like not-going-to-read, but still with all these drawbacks, my reading experience was awesome. I really enjoyed reading on my iPhone and found it a lot better reading experience than reading on my laptop. Stanza also states that those books which are purchased from their store will not face such punctuation problems, as their format will be converted in a better way to preserve the orignal format.

So if you are interested in turning your iPhone into a library, Stanza is a good option available for FREE. Just download more and more books and enjoy!


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