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I feel sorry for SriLankan Team...

I was in university when this news struck me that the van carrying SriLankan Cricketers was attacked, and the players are seriously injured. At that time, I was checking my mid-term exam copy in classroom but after listening this from my friend, I rushed into the computer lab to see what was really going on, and I was much much relieved to see that there was no casualties, and everyone was in a comparatively safe position.

How did this happen and who benefited from it? Thats a way long, endless discussion which I don't want to get into, but the main point is that whatever happened was really really bad. I didn't expect this to happen anywhere in Pakistan, I can even expect the president to get shot by someone somewhere, but not this. Why? because the terrorists in Pakistan are bothered only with situation in Pak-Afghan border, or some religious or political activities, normal peoples and events are generally not the target. I was not surprised to hear this on the local media that Indian agency RAW was believed to be involved behind this. Reason might be to avenge the Mumbai tragedy, or to destabilize the already-poor image of Pakistan even more. My believe on the involvement of India on this incident is based on the reports that I've seen on TV, which says that the shooters were no ordinary people, they were trained, heavily armed people who knew exactly what to do. The intelligence agencies said that they were trying to kidnap the van, but resistance from security forces didn't let that happen (6 policemen died, and 16 were injured during that incident).

What happened was really really bad, but still I'm happy that no one died in the tragedy and the injuries they have received are recoverable. I feel sorry from the depth of my heart for SriLankan Cricketers, and other peoples who were injured in this unfortunate event, and I hope and pray that they recover from it very soon.


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