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Whats New in Apple iPhone Firmware 3.0?

Despite of the fact that currently, Apple proudly enjoys more than 15% market share for its iPhone in global Smartphone market, some basic features, which are generally taken for granted when it comes to Smart phones, were still missing in it. When it was first launched in year 2006, a great amount of attention was paid on its advertising, and it was said to be “atleast 5 years more advance than any phone on Earth”, but after its release, people who bought it, realized that they have actually emptied their pocket on such a phone, which can’t even forward an SMS, nor has any sort of MMS capability, and can’t even play a simple Flash video.

Despite of the fact that iPhone’s marvelous multi-touch display and attractive GUI were fairly good enough to impress anyone, some geeks and Apple fan were still not “fully satisfied” with it, due to the lack of several important features. Apple started encountering these challenges one by one and made several modification in its firmware! Release of 3.0 firmware is a part of it, in which they have “Inherently” introduced several features for iPhone. Though, there is still some room left for a lot of further important modifications, but still it was a good approach from the company. On March 17, Apple conducted a conference and introduced the World with its new firmware update, which according to Apple, contains more than 100 visible and under-the-hood tweaks! A brief list is given below:

~Cut, copy, and paste
~GPS/mapping tweaks
~In-app purchases
~Landscape mode tweaks
~MMS send and receive
~P2P networking
~Push notifications
~Systemwide search

It still lacks some basic features, like recording a video (Yup, believe it) and some other nice privileges, which definitely produce temptation for the iPhone user to jailbreak it, but looks like Apple has started paying attention on it, and might take these issues more seriously in future. Rumors has it that Apple might do something on video recording, multi tasking and better camera-image-quality on their next firmware update! Lets see how they surprise us in their next future event!

Watch the event ceremony here!
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Watch the LIVE iPhone OS 3.0 Event on Internet

You can go to any of the sites listed below for the latest updates on this event. iPhone 3.0 preview event is in full swing, and people from all around are trying to catch the event’s coverage.

Several tech-blogs are covering the event live where you can get the latest updates of what is happening inside the Apple, Building 4, Town Hall. Copy/paste is a confirmed feature that will hit iPhone 3.0 firmware.

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TV Shows which REALLY Sucks!

I started watching TV series of US by Heroes and Prison Break (my favs), but later I thought that I should also give a try to some other popular series. I tried some, and the results are here. I thought it would be good to share on my blog :)

DollHouse: The Show was recently launched, I downloaded first two eps. After watching the first eps, it gave me that much disappointment, that I decided not to watch second ep, and deleted them both. Really, a very unhealthy and uninteresting story line, for me atleast!

KnightRider: I don't hate this show, but its not lovely either. First ep was really magnificent, and I loved it. Downloaded several other eps, but same old one-episode-mission didn't look too good. The season gain momentum after the introduction and appearance of "Karr", but that was only in one episode, and to my surprise, Kitt (The super-cool car in Knight Rider) managed to defeat that transformer type car in few seconds, with most of its function inoperable. That was... not good! Disappointing! Now I'm not watchig it anymore. I'm waiting when they'll get on some really interesting mission, where Karr, or something like that is involved too!

How I Met Your Mother: Neil Patrick Harris, You're awesome! Going up to date with this series, haven't missed an episode and I just love the Show! My favorite show in comedy genre after FRIENDS.

CSI Miami: Currently watching its 5th season and its looking good. Its good for people with interest in suspense and crime stories. I'm enjoying this show.

Dexter: Tried it, and then dumped it! Not my type.

Lost: I'll start watching it from first season and then will let you know. Haven't started it yet, but the rumor has it that its doing great on TV!

24: Really good... Every season has got 24 episodes, and each episode represents one hour of the day. The activity within each hour is in each episodes, which makes it a kind of long, thrilling movie. Worth Watching.

The IT Crowd: Its a British show I guess, and isn't that good. Comedy is not upto the mark, nor acting by the team. Just an average comedy show.

Grey's Anatomy: Good for people who like some serious drama stories, its really good, emotional and romantic, and revolves around the story of a Hospital's Doctors and Patients. It has got a good story line, acting and other qualities, which makes it worth-watching.

Scurbs: I wonder how Scurbs got in my mind after writing Grey's Anatomy? :) The thing is that they both revolve around Hospital life, but this one takes it in a Hilarious way, it has got some good jokes and comedy actions, and I love watching it. Its really good!

Supernatural: I'm not much into vampires and devils, so I don't watch stuff like this. If you like such things, do give it a try!

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: First of all, let me say this: I really really hate it, when in the starting, I hear the voice of Sarah saying "A Computer programed to destroy the World". Damn it man, who on Earth would program anything like that? Why even machines would do that? are they planning to camp on moon or something while they will enjoy the destruction of Earth? I don't know. The series is just OK, because the story line is not same as of the orignal Terminator series, there are some differences. No mood to watch it anymore!

Fringe: The duration of its first episode of first season was 80 minutes, and I wasted my 80 minutes watching it! it sucks! really really sucks!! In the starting it was looking really great, but gradually the whole movie became a big stupid thing for me. So unreal and unclear storyline which failed to develop my interest in it.

Thats pretty much it! Don't remember any other show which I have watched lately! Hopefully it would be helpful to some extent for someone who wants to get the best out of the TV series crowd! Enjoy watching :) Read more ...

Pakistan, an international migraine: Albright

Washington: Counting many elements, including terrorism and nuclear weapons, in Pakistan as causes of international worries, a former top US official has described the South Asian country as an "international migraine".

" own sense is Pakistan has everything that gives you an international migraine. It has nuclear weapons, it has terrorism, extremists, corruption, very poor and it's in a location that's really, really important to us. And now with this issue with India. So, I think that the current president and the current secretary of state, who's on her way to India right now, have a very big job ahead of them," said former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

"And I also do think that the next president and the secretary of state are going to have to pay a great deal of attention to that combination of issues, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, that all fit together. That's very important to the United States," she added.

In the wake of current tension between India and Pakistan following the Mumbai Terror attacks, Albright said that Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari was trying very hard to deal with the issue.

"...there's an agreement that the Pakistanis understand what the issue is. I think that if we have clear evidence and intelligence that is one part of this. And that is the Achilles' heel of everything, which is whether you have actual intelligence.

"...I think that he is their president and he is working very hard to try to get control over what is a very difficult place," she added.

Responding to a query on a remark made by President-elect Barack Obama, at his press conference in Chicago, in the wake of last week's terror attacks in Mumbai, the ex-official also endorsed the stand of the incoming US president.

"I think that what President-elect Obama said about the fact that every country, under the United Nations, has the right to defend itself, that is absolutely true. But it's also true that they are investigating everything right now and that it is not appropriate for those of us that are not in the Government to comment on this," Albright said on CNN's Situation Room programme.

"I think that sovereign nations obviously have a right to protect themselves. Beyond that, I don't want to comment on the specific situation that has taken place in South Asia right now," Obama had said when asked if India had the same right as he claimed his administration had in going after terror targets inside Pakistan with or without the permission of the government in Islamabad.

Its strange to know that the nation who is the among the key inventors of WMD for so-called self-defense, and responsible for the brutal killing (or should I say genocide) of several countries and NATION, considers Pakistan as an International migraine. Ma'm, I believe that if we Pakistanis are the migraine, then US is nothing less than a widespread lethal cancer, that has already consumed lives, economy and natural resources of several countries, and has LITERALLY made the lives of Millions of people Miserable.

Even more, US is proud of these facts and figures, and stands by it proudly, while a poor Country like Pakistan is held responsible for all the mess created by US army in Afghanistan, a really BIG mess, disguised as terrorism.

Calling Pakistan by these names won't solve any issues. If you want to deal with the terrorists, deal with them peacefully. By forcing war on region, you'll breed more terrorists than you will kill, and mind it that you simply can't wipe out an entire nation. Someone will always be left with a grieved heart and bomb around their waist to take the revenge, which you may later call a fundamentalist terrorist or a Islamic Suicide Bomber.

I think I got carried away a little bit and said some harsh things :) but its kind of natural, since no one likes to listen to such stuff about their country! Lets just hope that we see a better peaceful world in the near future, where no nation is engaged in war for what-so-ever reason!

Source: Indian Express

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The New Generation of Cell Phones: Enabling Your Sixth-Sense

This concept, which is demonstrated in this video, was considered to be purely fictionous, I've heard rumours about it that it was invented first by some Japanese company (they did it through glasses) but here, they're using projection. What is it? Check out this really cool video:

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My Book Reading Experience on iPhone 3G

Internet is flooded with news and reviews of kindle software from Amazon, which allows you to download and read books on the go with "convenience". At first, I used to think that nothing can place the feeling of reading and touching a physical book, turning its pages, moving across it, etc etc (also I was convinced that its easy on eyes too), but when I tried Stanza on my iPhone, I was amazed how much I was enjoying reading my book.

If you haven't heard of stanze, then allow me to introduce you to it. Its a program just like Kindle, but a lot better than it. Reasons? Its FREE. Not only the app, some books are legally free, rest can be downloaded from Internet (all major titles are easily available, you just have to google it) in pdf and other supported format for FREE.

All you have to do is download the desktop version of Stanza on your computer and its iPhone app on your iPhone. Then you have to connect your computer with iPhone via Wi-Fi (preferrably, see installation manual for details) and you can easily select any pdf you want to read on your iPhone. Within few seconds, the book will be converted to some other format which will be readable by Stanza.

The disadvantage are that while converting a PDF, the words get a bit crippled, means they don't appear in an orderly manner, rather they look scrambled and dissorted. Paragraphs are gone, no header, no footer, no page number. Just words, words and words. Sounds like not-going-to-read, but still with all these drawbacks, my reading experience was awesome. I really enjoyed reading on my iPhone and found it a lot better reading experience than reading on my laptop. Stanza also states that those books which are purchased from their store will not face such punctuation problems, as their format will be converted in a better way to preserve the orignal format.

So if you are interested in turning your iPhone into a library, Stanza is a good option available for FREE. Just download more and more books and enjoy!

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The Politicians' Dilemma

The Internet news sites, social news networks, blogs and so many news-feed sites are flooded with the news of SriLankan Cricket event and people from everywhere are accusing Pakistanis agencies for this misfortunate event, but the govt officials and reporters are sitting almost idle and doing absolutely nothing to defend their position. That makes them the culprit, even if they are not. Why is no one out there to tell CNN or other media that security was there, thats why they survived, were not kidnapped as planned, or else the terroirsts were not out there to show their shooting skills in front of the world... Why no political leader of ours stood in front of media to explain the situation clearly from Pakistani prespective? Was it really really their fault? are they hiding something? or are they shy enough to admit the involvment of Indian agencies behind all this? Whatever the reason is, they are really screwing it up for no reason, and no one is loving that, inside or outside of Pakistan.

The Pak authorities must answer all the questions and accusations from media, only feeling sorry or saying it won't help. Those who were responsible for their safety should be subjected to a strict audit to find out the truth and that should be revealed open on media, whether anyone likes it or not. Read more ...

I feel sorry for SriLankan Team...

I was in university when this news struck me that the van carrying SriLankan Cricketers was attacked, and the players are seriously injured. At that time, I was checking my mid-term exam copy in classroom but after listening this from my friend, I rushed into the computer lab to see what was really going on, and I was much much relieved to see that there was no casualties, and everyone was in a comparatively safe position.

How did this happen and who benefited from it? Thats a way long, endless discussion which I don't want to get into, but the main point is that whatever happened was really really bad. I didn't expect this to happen anywhere in Pakistan, I can even expect the president to get shot by someone somewhere, but not this. Why? because the terrorists in Pakistan are bothered only with situation in Pak-Afghan border, or some religious or political activities, normal peoples and events are generally not the target. I was not surprised to hear this on the local media that Indian agency RAW was believed to be involved behind this. Reason might be to avenge the Mumbai tragedy, or to destabilize the already-poor image of Pakistan even more. My believe on the involvement of India on this incident is based on the reports that I've seen on TV, which says that the shooters were no ordinary people, they were trained, heavily armed people who knew exactly what to do. The intelligence agencies said that they were trying to kidnap the van, but resistance from security forces didn't let that happen (6 policemen died, and 16 were injured during that incident).

What happened was really really bad, but still I'm happy that no one died in the tragedy and the injuries they have received are recoverable. I feel sorry from the depth of my heart for SriLankan Cricketers, and other peoples who were injured in this unfortunate event, and I hope and pray that they recover from it very soon. Read more ...