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My First Bite on Apple

Yup, finally I have got my hands on the gadget which I always dreamed of having, my one of the most favorite gadget available in market, and thats nothing else than iPhone 3G.

Though I'm not a big fan of Apple, due to some potential limitations you have to face on a Macintosh (like limited softwares, games and their high price) but I love their iPods and iPhones, because I think thats one of the top-notch quality products available in market today. They provide only ONE thing which is worth buying, and thats is 'quality'. I have tried several other products, mainly from chinese market, but none proved to be as good as the white Apple.

I got my phone on Feb 13, 2009. Its locked and in jail, so I'm trying hard to undo all that stuff. I've tried every available method to unlock my phone but couldn't. Jailbreaking was a piece of cake, but unlocking your iPhone 3G in Pakistan ain't that easy. The reason might be the fact that I'm using a Power SIM by UFONE, which is not supported by Pwnage and ZiPhone tools. The only method which I'm left with is to buy a rebel SIM from Karachi, which will cost me almost Rs. 1200. Thats the only available solution to unlock your iPhone 3G in Pakistan, as far as I know.

I will keep this blog updated and will let you guys know about whats currently happening with the phone, and about different apps and games I'm trying on it. So keep reading :)


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