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One More Browser

Yup, one more browser has made its way in the market. As there are tons and tons of Internet browsers already available in the market, only few are famous, like Chrome and Firefox. But here I'm writing something about a browser which has not levelled in popularity like Firefox, but the thing which differentiates it from others is that it was developed by a 19-yead old Pakistani geek, living in Karachi! Though Blake Ross was only 13 when he started working for Netscape, but still poeple like them are hard to find, and I'm really glad that the World has found one in Pakistan!

Here are the requirements of the browsers:
-10 megabytes (MB) of hard disk drive (HDD)
-128 of random access memory (RAM)
-Net Framework 2 (Compulsory)
-Windows Operating System

Salient features of Xtravo are tab browsing, short cuts, fast browsing, Integrated RSS feeds and Integrated DOM introspection. its advanced pop up blocker, provides its users with safe and secure browsing. However, The individuality of this explorer is not only restricted to loading heavy websites within 10 seconds, but the special features for web designers: Document Reader, which allows one to review the websites coding and Image Grabber, which permits saving multiple pictures at the same time. Also, the improved ftp uploader through which webpages can be uploaded by simply

I can't wait to see how it would look like when the final version is out. Good work Imran Sheik.. keep it up and best of luck for the future.


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