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The MacBook Wheeler

Here's the new concept of Apple in revolutionizing laptops; guess what it is? Its replacing the keyboard of a laptop with an iPod classic wheel! Look it here:

More over, notice the price tag, $10k for a 40GB!

I wonder how good this laptop can be for anyone, I mean without keyboard, just imagine how much time you'll be wasting in scrolling to the letter you want to type. Instead, if they would have introduced another touch screen instead of roller which could display touch-keyboard, the iTouch like, and changes itself accordingly with the contents of the screen, it might have proven more helpful!

I don't know what good it is, how you'll be able to do some gaming or use application key-board shortcuts with the help of that wheel, and moreover If you're a coder, then this thing is definitely NOT for you! Just imagine writing your code as shown in the above clip! To get that job done, you'll sure need a lot of practice. I wonder if Apple is going to ship its laptop with a typing tutor :)


Sohaib said...

Dude, This laptop is just a joke.

It's not real!!!!

Wake up techie boy!

geek_boy said...

How can this be a joke? Apple has recently announced it officially and its expected to be released soon.

What makes u think that its a joke? Believe me they are not that funny.. :)

Sohaib said...

dude, this video was published by ONN... it's logo is right their on the video...

ONN stands for Onion News Network.. Onion is a news parody website...

From wikipedia: "The Onion is an American "fake news" organization. It features satirical articles reporting on international, national, and local news as well as an entertainment newspaper and website known as The A.V. Club."

Visit the following link for confirmation:

Gizmodo is one of the webs best places for tech news with around 5000 subscribers.

Research your stories first, editor sahab.

Sohaib said...

here's another one:

Techcrunch has around 2 million subscribers... read the comments too!!!

geek_boy said...

lol! They got me :D Yeah u were right about that, can't believe it because they made it look so real..! Damn!

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