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The Digital Warfront

I see so many people, on and off the Internet, Pakistanis and non-Pakis, who are condemning whats happening around. Whats happening in Palestine by Israel and what previously happened in Mumbai blasts.

When the event of Mumbai happened, I noticed a sudden wave of hatred from Indian people. At first, I thought that its natural, there leaders are as usual blaming Pakistan for their loss and of course they will be pretty much pissed off at us, but what happened afterwards is that Indian media went with full force against Pakistan and published stories regarding the terrorists and their relation with Pakistan in such depth that even Indian Minstries didn't know (I learned that from an Indian journalist blog). The result? Fire of hatred spread more and more and now I observe that in popular social networks and websites, Indians are spreading the word against Pakistan. Whether its facebook, digg, twitter, youtube, journalism websites or blogs, I see a stiff and sorry to say a very bitter reaction from Indians towards Pakistanis.

Still it's a mystery to find out the real people behind the blasts. No one knows for sure, and even after 2 months have passed, Indian ministry still hasn't provided any proof to Pakistan for further investigation, nor they are allowing Pakistani agencies to probe the matter further with Indians, but what they have done uptill now is giving a 10 year old list of wanted-person to Pakistan, which Pakistan had refused to handover in past, and plus continuous threats by their numerous top leaders about bombarding Pakistan, which itself is the proof that it was a staged show from Indian government for some personal & political benifit (considering that Indian election will be held in March 2009), Pakistan was dragged in between just to clear their own mess.

Whoever was behind those scenes, or whatever their purpose was, I don't care about it, since its India's own personal matter, I don't need to be bothered about it, but what I'm bothered about is the bad image of Pakistan on Internet citizens, which has been successfully posted by Indians in the past, and now more swiftly after these attacks. The sad part is that as more Indians are online than Pakistanis, they are creating an environment against Pakistan and are getting people, which are not from subcontinent, in their favor. I saw most of them in the favor of India, and the reason being that either they know a little, or nothing about Pakistan. The general perception of Pakistan is about a country, which is filled with Islamic extremists and terrorists, which is a great threat to the whole world, and Indians are successfully using it.

Now what we need, we Pakistani people who are online, we need to diminish that image, blur it, as much as possible. Show them that we aren't what they think we are. We can, and we must show them that we too are not only against terrorism but we also condemn it, and express our gratitude towards the countries who have been hit by it. We are not responsible for spreading it. This is what we should do, what we should atleast try, or else there will be no one left in the world to even weep on our grave.

In this world, the new 21st century world, wars are not always fought on ground and battlefields. Things have changed, strategies have been changed. Now there is another battlefield in terms of media, print and electronic. Whoever win this field, gets hold of the war, because in that way you convince the world that what you did was right. If Indians win this, they'll surely attack Pakistan someday and there will be no one to condemn, as everyone will look at this war from Indian perspective and completely justified, there will be no one to question Indian government, but instead they might be helping them. Why this could be happening in near future? Because they are convincing people around the world that they are right, Pakistan is wrong and as its a threat to global security, it needs to be destroyed. So if we don't try to stop it, don't take any action against it, don't reply it accordingly, then no wonder how good our military performs in front of the world, all the good-will of general people will be towards India, and they'll see Pakistan as nemesis.

So the bottom line is, that we can help Pakistan and do a favor to our motherland by winning this war. We don't need to be a expert for this or sacrifice anything, just do a simple thing that wherever you find such sites, blogs or sort of stuff, always report it or REPLY whatever bullshit they are saying. We MUST reply on their own place, to show the world that whatever they're saying ain't right!

Even Israel, everyone knows what she's upto these days, is using twitter and youtube to justify its position on war. Look at this CNN article. This is a small example which defines the importance of this digital warfront!

So buddies, we are on our own, and no one's will be taking our side until we halp ourselves. So whatever we need to do, we need to do it on our own, and its better that we start now!


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