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Vioceless Phone Call is now Possible

Curious about what is that? I was too when I first heard about this and I thought that they have by mistake written in voiceless, it would be something like Phone-less or device-less type of call, but when I saw its video on youtube (which has been posted below), I was amazed to see the wonder they have done.

So what is that basically? It consist of a collar you have to wear on your neck, and have to "say" the words you want to say on phone, but this time you won't be using your mouth for that, you'll be using your brain for this, like you are trying to revise or memorize something. The collar you'll be wearing will catch the neurological signals (I think thats what they called it) emerging from you brain and it will translate them into actual spoken words in your voice and transmit it over phone. So as a result, you'll be able to speak or buzz out loud on phone, even when you are not really saying anything!

They say that this device is best for retarded people who can't speak, and for those who want to talk privately in crowded places. Sounds cool, doesn't it? You're talking to phone in front of the whole world and saying all you want to say but only the other person on phone could hear it. That sounds like a future of privacy.

Another great thing which could be possible is that if they provide a small transmitter and receiver with the collar, two or more people would be able to communicate without any need of a cellphone. Thats not mentioned in the video but that would be simply great if it happens, and I'm sure it will!


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