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The Stupidity of Indian Minstry & Agencies

These days, there's a silent Media War going on between Pakistan and India, which started just after the Mumbai attacks. On the first day of attack, deep in my heart I knew that the first thing India would do is to blame Pakistan for that, and our so-called democratic government will not be able to handle the situation as required. Unfortunately, I found myself right after few days. :(

Indian media started a bombardment of blames on Pakistan, regarding every issue. I really really appreciate the Pakistani media, all news channels and papers, which rose to the moment and faced it boldly. Some renowned journalist of Pakistan also performed some research work and showed it on air to defend their country. Here's an example below:

As the issue is still unsettled, I have something more to share. An interesting story!

I couldn't find any related article on Internet but I heard it on TV. They said that India handed over list of wanted people to Pakistan, which consisted of 40 names. Some of them were marked "high profiled" by India and were considered to be directly involved in the attacks.

Among those high profiled, they talked about 2 people. Now here's the interesting part, one was locked up in Saudia Arabia for 3 years, and one died two years ago in Pakistan :) Indian ministry says that these two people were involved in direct planning of the blast... :D

What more can I say on this. Its an endless discussion, but the bright side for Pakistanis is that even the current leadership is not strong enough, we have got some strong media with educated people to watch our back. Lets hope that this tension ends soon between the two countries, and they both do something to feed their starving nation instead of buying weapons for war.


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