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Searching Wikipedia with Style

Whether its my assignment, homework, some sort of university project or the material for the preparation of my next exam, Wikipedia always proved a heaven for me. All the stuff I ever needed for my prep was always available there, stuff which I can rely on.

Before Wikipedia, I used Encarta and Britanica, but both of them were no match for this Encyclopedia giant, because its contributors were public, instead of a particular company, so obviously it became popular and still hasn't stop expanding.

The only thing which I don't like about wikipedia is its website layout. Its not upto the mark, its user-friendly though but from no where it looks like a 21st century website. Website's color, organization, management, everything is not good as the content it offers. They could have made it a lot better, but they haven't.

Fortunately, some people figured out that problem and created a solution for it. The solution resulted in a eye-catching website, running wikipedia's rich database on its back-end, and giving a smooth, new user experience which lacks on orignal wiki site. The website's URL is, and its definitely worth visiting.

The site offers interactive user interface, with real easy and simple navigation, thats the kind of feature you always search when you're visiting a content rich website, plus I like their color combination which really gives this site a beautiful look. So, next time you type, try out instead to improve your wiki experience.


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