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Is Google Chrome better than Firefox?

So here it is, a new shiny, slim and blue color browser by Google, known as Google Chrome, and my first blog post through this browser :)
When first I saw videos on youtube about this browser, Its developers said that the main aspect we have focused in its development is security and its layout, according to them they have utilized each and every pixel available, thats true for sure because right now, I see no menu bar (File, edit tools, help etc etc) nor I see any status bar below which tells the user how much page has been loaded, but while using the browser, I never missed these features which I have been using for years in IE and Firefox. I wonder why those guys didn't think about it before google!

The another great feature, which I'm sure is by the virtue of google's new browser platform is that all tabs are independent of each other. Know what that means? It means that if you've opened multiple tabs and if any one or more of them crashes due to some reasons, then the whole browser won't go down, like in firefox you had to close the whole browser and then restore the session again.

All you have to do in chrome, if such things happen is to right-click on top bar, choose the task manager and end the task of troublesome tab, just like the windows task manager, and that particular tab will be closed, without disturbing any other tabs. Smart, isn't it?

Google Chrome's booting time is insanely fast, much faster than firefox, in my laptop, firefox takes upto 20 second approx to start, while chrome takes only 4-5 seconds. Might be possible that this is becaue my firefox is loaded with tons of extensions and plugins, and this browser isn't, but anyway its bootup time is really fast. BTW, I didn't have to install flash player to watch youtube from it, It was already there!

All and all, this browser looks and feels great, but the only advantage I'm "really" getting by using this browser is max space on my screen for viewing webpages, but thats not the enough reason for quitting on firefox, there are no themes or addons available at the current moment, nor they have given any particular support for their online apps like docs, map, youtube etc etc which I use heavily when I'm online, so until they come up with more stuff then only under-the-hood developments, I'm not giving up on firefox! What about you? :)



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