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iPhone, gPhone, Whats Next?

The long awaited iPhone 3G recently hit the market and with the 3G and GPS capability, it has definitely become the centre of attraction for mobile and gadgets lovers, however there have been some issues with it, like expensive data plan rates, poor reception and several others.

Recently, there's been buzz about the all new gPhone, a mobile phone Operating System engineered by Google Inc, which promises improved graphics, security and user experience. Its SDK kit is already out, yet it doesn't have so many applications or features, but it surely has the potential to become a powerful mobile platform.

So what the user should do? Run towards store and spend money again on buying the expensive phone when its out? Most people wouldn't like that because they have recently invested on their iPhone, as it was promised to be the best phone ever made, but in the world of Electronics, the stuff becomes outdated, the moment it leaves the store. So what should we really opt for? If you are thinking of buying a perfect phone, I think I have found one for you :)

Meet the Nokia N810 WiMax Editon. The phone has it all, GPS, VoIP, Wi-Fi, WiMax, Webcam, expandable memory and a powerful OS (Not any Symbian Version, but a linux OS for tablet PCs). All this is available for around $400 (Unlocked Phone's Price)

What gives it edge over all other phones is WiMax. You can have several softwares, tons of them on any phone which surely will fullfill some requiremnts or yours, but what they all collectively lack is Connectivity Speed. 3G is not even close to WiMax, when it comes to Internet browsing and Online surfing, leave 2G services aside of this. More bandwidth means more speed, faster work and performance, an option for smoother video conferencing and a lot more. As long as softwares are concerned, I'm sure that its OS is a fruitful ground to play on.

Though it lacks the standard carrier option, It might give you an advantage of avoiding expensive data plans, and you can rather buy cheap Internet and make calls from anywhere via VoIP for free or low rates.

So, here's your new big piece of technology for low price. Don't get caught in the hype of iPhone and gPhone, make sensible decisons.

Here's a youtube video, demonstrating the usage of phone.


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