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I Didn't Like How Heroes' Season 3 Ended

I mean they were going with a perfect story line, Arthur had absorbed too many abilities, heroes were split in group, one was trying to give abilities to the world, while other was trying to prevent that from happening. That was a perfect combination, arthur managed to get the catalyst and leave hiro powerless back in time... and suddenly they changed everything. It looked like they wanted to end that season by any means, when they could have easily strecthed the story to atleast 8-9 more episodes.

I was disappointed to see the guy like Arthur with immesne power dying with a bullet shot. Thats just so unreal, so unacceptable. There should have been a fight... A BIG fight as arthur vs anti-pinehearts group... and in the result of that fight they could have shown Arhur dead but they didn't... one bullet shot form powerless Petrelli and bang... the almighty Arthur is dead. Though that Haitian and Sylar helped a lot but still, that was no way for a man like Arthur to die like that. (I'm sure he'll be up and running in the fourth season :) ).

And I also didn't like the way they used Sylar (God this episode makes me hate Heroes so much). I think he is sufering from multiple personality disorder :) I mean seriously, in one episode he is killing everyone to quench his hunger, and in another one he is saving the world. Have they people ran out of villans? or is there just one bad boy left in the whole world?

They could have done several more things before ending this story like this. Like a group of marines in action for something bad which good people had to stop and eventually they'd get a chance to set foot in pinehearts, or sylar or anyone killing someone important to make a twist in the story, or something like that.

But still, that was a lot better season than 1 and 2, especially 2. Lets wait for the february to get hand on season 4, Fugitives.


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