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Facebook or Twitter

What I'm comparing here isn't the whole Facebook with Twitter, but its Status update feature and Twitter. When I first saw the demo video of twitter, and learned how to use it, I found it interesting in the first place, but since I'm not that type of person who wants to share every detail of routine stuff, so I stopped using it. Instead, I use Facebook feature ("What are you doing right now"). This is a feature which I find really interesting and for me, it has completely replaced my need for twitter, since I have 100+ friends there, who can view my current activities and the best part is, I don't have to go to any other website just to update my current status.

But how actually both of them are competing with each other over Internet. Here's an Interesting piece of information I got from a site:

  • Twitter has between 4 and 5 million users, 30 percent of whom are not yet engaged.
  • 70 percent of Twitter users signed up in 2008.
  • The average number of Twitter followers is 70; the average number of people someone is following is 69.
Thats shows that Twitter is still in development state, and it needs a lot more time to compete against any other social network. Here's its comparison with Facebook in terms of Unique visitors:

So it means that it is clearly lagging behind facebook and has far less visitors, less visitors means less chances of being more social and meeting new people. Though in 2008, Twitter has shown the growth rate of 600% but still, its not good enough to compete.

I always prefer to update my status on facebook, rather than twitter as I'll be able to know more stuff from my one friend on FB, which will not be available on twitter. For example, if I get a tweet that some friend of mine just returned from a party or event, I'd love to see the pics of the event, but that is only possible through FB, not twitter.

There's an option for twitter on facebook. Its facebook application of twitter, which can be found here. Once you add it in you FB, it will allow you to update your facebook status via tweeter, which is really good. That means, you write something on twitter, it automatically updates itself in facebook in status feed, so you get a chance to tell your non-twitter buddies which are on facebook about what you're doing without taking care of each site.

So its a big website populated world out there. Its upto you what you want to go for. Make a wise choice :)


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