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Eagle Eye Review

The movie was good, quite thrilling but predictable, and very enjoyable. It was I think a mixture of I Robot and Die Hard 4. Almost same theme of story line and actions which appear highly unreal to a person like me :) , but still I enjoyed the movie as a Fantasy story.

I liked the starting part. The movie started, showing some Pakistani kids of tribal region. From that spot, Pentagon received an intel about an in-demand person which was suspected to be there. Just on the suspect that it MIGHT be him (probably was 51%), they blew off nearly 30-35 people, most of them with families (they looked like grown-up guys in there 30s).

Thats a bitter reality happening in the world, and I sort of liked and disliked the way it was presented in movie. Disliked it in the sense that again, things like terrorist and Pakistan were shown in combination, and liked it in the way that they tried to show how brutal the way of US is with other countries, and more on that, they don't even call it terrorism. I guess according to the new definition, killing people is not a terrorism, until its done by US :).

To add more on this, let me tell you that US has launched several low-level air strikes on the tribal regions of Pakistan, have killed several hundred innocent people including primary school children and women, but no one, including UN and other nations, including our government had the guts to say anything. Anyways, thats a different side of story, what I meant by all this that the thing they portrayed was very real. US army does kill people like this.

Shia Labeouf was awesome. The way he acts is soooo awesome and looks very very real. I saw the guy in transformers too, and he was great. Once again he has proven himself here.

If you liked I robot and die hard 4, I recommend you to watch this movie, and if you're a geek, then please don't take it seriously, because you'd know that stuff like that doesn't happen in the real world.

I'd give this movie 8/10.


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