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Meta tags Generator

If you have little or no knowledge about Search Engine Optimization, and quickly want to learn and apply some techniques that would put your website or blog on a higher ranking, then this website is for you.

It will give you a simple form to fill out, fields will be related with the stuff on your website or what your site is about. Once its completed, it will generate the meta tags for you, just copy/paste it in your web's code and you're done!

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Facebook or Twitter

What I'm comparing here isn't the whole Facebook with Twitter, but its Status update feature and Twitter. When I first saw the demo video of twitter, and learned how to use it, I found it interesting in the first place, but since I'm not that type of person who wants to share every detail of routine stuff, so I stopped using it. Instead, I use Facebook feature ("What are you doing right now"). This is a feature which I find really interesting and for me, it has completely replaced my need for twitter, since I have 100+ friends there, who can view my current activities and the best part is, I don't have to go to any other website just to update my current status.

But how actually both of them are competing with each other over Internet. Here's an Interesting piece of information I got from a site:

  • Twitter has between 4 and 5 million users, 30 percent of whom are not yet engaged.
  • 70 percent of Twitter users signed up in 2008.
  • The average number of Twitter followers is 70; the average number of people someone is following is 69.
Thats shows that Twitter is still in development state, and it needs a lot more time to compete against any other social network. Here's its comparison with Facebook in terms of Unique visitors:

So it means that it is clearly lagging behind facebook and has far less visitors, less visitors means less chances of being more social and meeting new people. Though in 2008, Twitter has shown the growth rate of 600% but still, its not good enough to compete.

I always prefer to update my status on facebook, rather than twitter as I'll be able to know more stuff from my one friend on FB, which will not be available on twitter. For example, if I get a tweet that some friend of mine just returned from a party or event, I'd love to see the pics of the event, but that is only possible through FB, not twitter.

There's an option for twitter on facebook. Its facebook application of twitter, which can be found here. Once you add it in you FB, it will allow you to update your facebook status via tweeter, which is really good. That means, you write something on twitter, it automatically updates itself in facebook in status feed, so you get a chance to tell your non-twitter buddies which are on facebook about what you're doing without taking care of each site.

So its a big website populated world out there. Its upto you what you want to go for. Make a wise choice :) Read more ...

When the World's Economy Crashes

What's been the affect of World's Economic crisis on major companies with big names? Want a big picture of that? Here it is...

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Batman meets Superman.. lol

One of my friends, Asad watched this video and recommended it to me. I watched it and found it simply amazing. You'll enjoy it if you have watched the Dark Knight already... So here it is. Enjoy!

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Eagle Eye Review

The movie was good, quite thrilling but predictable, and very enjoyable. It was I think a mixture of I Robot and Die Hard 4. Almost same theme of story line and actions which appear highly unreal to a person like me :) , but still I enjoyed the movie as a Fantasy story.

I liked the starting part. The movie started, showing some Pakistani kids of tribal region. From that spot, Pentagon received an intel about an in-demand person which was suspected to be there. Just on the suspect that it MIGHT be him (probably was 51%), they blew off nearly 30-35 people, most of them with families (they looked like grown-up guys in there 30s).

Thats a bitter reality happening in the world, and I sort of liked and disliked the way it was presented in movie. Disliked it in the sense that again, things like terrorist and Pakistan were shown in combination, and liked it in the way that they tried to show how brutal the way of US is with other countries, and more on that, they don't even call it terrorism. I guess according to the new definition, killing people is not a terrorism, until its done by US :).

To add more on this, let me tell you that US has launched several low-level air strikes on the tribal regions of Pakistan, have killed several hundred innocent people including primary school children and women, but no one, including UN and other nations, including our government had the guts to say anything. Anyways, thats a different side of story, what I meant by all this that the thing they portrayed was very real. US army does kill people like this.

Shia Labeouf was awesome. The way he acts is soooo awesome and looks very very real. I saw the guy in transformers too, and he was great. Once again he has proven himself here.

If you liked I robot and die hard 4, I recommend you to watch this movie, and if you're a geek, then please don't take it seriously, because you'd know that stuff like that doesn't happen in the real world.

I'd give this movie 8/10.
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I Didn't Like How Heroes' Season 3 Ended

I mean they were going with a perfect story line, Arthur had absorbed too many abilities, heroes were split in group, one was trying to give abilities to the world, while other was trying to prevent that from happening. That was a perfect combination, arthur managed to get the catalyst and leave hiro powerless back in time... and suddenly they changed everything. It looked like they wanted to end that season by any means, when they could have easily strecthed the story to atleast 8-9 more episodes.

I was disappointed to see the guy like Arthur with immesne power dying with a bullet shot. Thats just so unreal, so unacceptable. There should have been a fight... A BIG fight as arthur vs anti-pinehearts group... and in the result of that fight they could have shown Arhur dead but they didn't... one bullet shot form powerless Petrelli and bang... the almighty Arthur is dead. Though that Haitian and Sylar helped a lot but still, that was no way for a man like Arthur to die like that. (I'm sure he'll be up and running in the fourth season :) ).

And I also didn't like the way they used Sylar (God this episode makes me hate Heroes so much). I think he is sufering from multiple personality disorder :) I mean seriously, in one episode he is killing everyone to quench his hunger, and in another one he is saving the world. Have they people ran out of villans? or is there just one bad boy left in the whole world?

They could have done several more things before ending this story like this. Like a group of marines in action for something bad which good people had to stop and eventually they'd get a chance to set foot in pinehearts, or sylar or anyone killing someone important to make a twist in the story, or something like that.

But still, that was a lot better season than 1 and 2, especially 2. Lets wait for the february to get hand on season 4, Fugitives. Read more ...

The Stupidity of Indian Minstry & Agencies

These days, there's a silent Media War going on between Pakistan and India, which started just after the Mumbai attacks. On the first day of attack, deep in my heart I knew that the first thing India would do is to blame Pakistan for that, and our so-called democratic government will not be able to handle the situation as required. Unfortunately, I found myself right after few days. :(

Indian media started a bombardment of blames on Pakistan, regarding every issue. I really really appreciate the Pakistani media, all news channels and papers, which rose to the moment and faced it boldly. Some renowned journalist of Pakistan also performed some research work and showed it on air to defend their country. Here's an example below:

As the issue is still unsettled, I have something more to share. An interesting story!

I couldn't find any related article on Internet but I heard it on TV. They said that India handed over list of wanted people to Pakistan, which consisted of 40 names. Some of them were marked "high profiled" by India and were considered to be directly involved in the attacks.

Among those high profiled, they talked about 2 people. Now here's the interesting part, one was locked up in Saudia Arabia for 3 years, and one died two years ago in Pakistan :) Indian ministry says that these two people were involved in direct planning of the blast... :D

What more can I say on this. Its an endless discussion, but the bright side for Pakistanis is that even the current leadership is not strong enough, we have got some strong media with educated people to watch our back. Lets hope that this tension ends soon between the two countries, and they both do something to feed their starving nation instead of buying weapons for war. Read more ...

The Next Revolution in Mobile Industry

The mobile market seems to be developing by leaps and bounds across the globe, especially in the developing countries, where the use of mobile phones was not very common. New mobile markets like Pakistan, India, Brazil etc etc contributed widely to the growth of this sector. But still today, more than 70% mobile phone users worldwide do not make the most out of their phone. The main reasons behind this are awareness and lack of resources. A large majority makes its basic use only, i.e. Calling, while some others enjoy the benefits, like MP3 player, camera etc etc. Truth is that very few people in developing countries know much about mobile Internet. This scenario is not similar in European and Western countries, and the main reason for this is that majority of the people living there use mobile phones which can also be called mini-computers or well-equipped hand-held devices. They have everything, from text messaging to online streaming video access, but such privileges are not available to majority in the third world countries. The real reason behind this might be termed as 'awareness', but that's not always true, since there are people who want to have all these facilities on their palm, but since they can't afford such phones, they end-up using a low-end phone. If some of them manage to buy a feature-rich phone, they have to pay for expensive software to make the most out of it.
Now whats the future of such people? How to make technology so cheap that everyone, from a company's peon to CEO can have access to it? How to bridge this inevitable digital divide?
The answer of these questions are the indication of a BIG mobile revolution awaiting for us. How? Lets see.
Currently, we have iPhone and Nokia mobiles, which are considered top notch from every aspect. Other companies including BlackBerry and several others are not considered as good as them, especially the hot-baked iPhone with its apps. The normal prices of these high-end phones start above US$350, which could go upto $700 or more (You can buy a good laptop in that price with dual processors).
People living in third world countries have an average monthly income of $400-$900 (I'm talking about average) and its very obvious that they can't afford such phones, its applications and their carrier packages, so they don't buy it. They don't buy it, so they also don't come to
know about the potential which lies in it, or how it can help them. So, to make technology available to everyone, Chinese mobile phones are a very very good solution.
Chinese mobiles can be considered as a blessing for those who have low budget for their phones. Within US$90, you get a phone that has a web-browser using EDGE, 2.0MP Camera, games, Touch-Screen (3.5 inch), bluetooth, FM Radio and countless apps.
Sounds good, isn't it? But what about the software? We have everything we need in Hardware with the blessing of Chinese technology but we definitely need a good OS and some worthy application to spice up the mobile experience. The software that come with the phone or are supported are not worth using, and most of the time they end-up crashing the whole system.
This is the place where Android could kick in. Yes, Android. T-Mobile is currently selling Android phones for hundreds of dollar, the major advantage you get from this is that all applications, including its operating system is not only free, but far powerful then Leopard 10, which iPhones uses. So, if the Android gets compatible with the $90 Chinese phone, consider the possibilities that could happen. People across the globe, rich or poor, with or without resources, would be able to get their hands on a $90 (or less) phone with web-browsing, camera, bluetooth, touch-screen, Android open source platform, document editing and I don't know what else.
All these massive helpful tools, wrapped up in a small touch-screen mobile with a price tag of $90 will create a big dent on Nokia, apple and other vendors, but our huge digital divide, between the developed and developing nations, or rich and poor people will be shrinked by a large means. All we need is someone, who could provide communication between the Chinese mobile manufactures and Android developers, and If that someone is Google itself, then believe me that iPhone would be doomed with all its apps.
So, the equation of future is,
Chinese phones + Android = Powerful, but Cheap Phones for Everyone!!
Digital Divide Bridged! Read more ...

Vioceless Phone Call is now Possible

Curious about what is that? I was too when I first heard about this and I thought that they have by mistake written in voiceless, it would be something like Phone-less or device-less type of call, but when I saw its video on youtube (which has been posted below), I was amazed to see the wonder they have done.

So what is that basically? It consist of a collar you have to wear on your neck, and have to "say" the words you want to say on phone, but this time you won't be using your mouth for that, you'll be using your brain for this, like you are trying to revise or memorize something. The collar you'll be wearing will catch the neurological signals (I think thats what they called it) emerging from you brain and it will translate them into actual spoken words in your voice and transmit it over phone. So as a result, you'll be able to speak or buzz out loud on phone, even when you are not really saying anything!

They say that this device is best for retarded people who can't speak, and for those who want to talk privately in crowded places. Sounds cool, doesn't it? You're talking to phone in front of the whole world and saying all you want to say but only the other person on phone could hear it. That sounds like a future of privacy.

Another great thing which could be possible is that if they provide a small transmitter and receiver with the collar, two or more people would be able to communicate without any need of a cellphone. Thats not mentioned in the video but that would be simply great if it happens, and I'm sure it will!

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Searching Wikipedia with Style

Whether its my assignment, homework, some sort of university project or the material for the preparation of my next exam, Wikipedia always proved a heaven for me. All the stuff I ever needed for my prep was always available there, stuff which I can rely on.

Before Wikipedia, I used Encarta and Britanica, but both of them were no match for this Encyclopedia giant, because its contributors were public, instead of a particular company, so obviously it became popular and still hasn't stop expanding.

The only thing which I don't like about wikipedia is its website layout. Its not upto the mark, its user-friendly though but from no where it looks like a 21st century website. Website's color, organization, management, everything is not good as the content it offers. They could have made it a lot better, but they haven't.

Fortunately, some people figured out that problem and created a solution for it. The solution resulted in a eye-catching website, running wikipedia's rich database on its back-end, and giving a smooth, new user experience which lacks on orignal wiki site. The website's URL is, and its definitely worth visiting.

The site offers interactive user interface, with real easy and simple navigation, thats the kind of feature you always search when you're visiting a content rich website, plus I like their color combination which really gives this site a beautiful look. So, next time you type, try out instead to improve your wiki experience. Read more ...

Is Google Chrome better than Firefox?

So here it is, a new shiny, slim and blue color browser by Google, known as Google Chrome, and my first blog post through this browser :)
When first I saw videos on youtube about this browser, Its developers said that the main aspect we have focused in its development is security and its layout, according to them they have utilized each and every pixel available, thats true for sure because right now, I see no menu bar (File, edit tools, help etc etc) nor I see any status bar below which tells the user how much page has been loaded, but while using the browser, I never missed these features which I have been using for years in IE and Firefox. I wonder why those guys didn't think about it before google!

The another great feature, which I'm sure is by the virtue of google's new browser platform is that all tabs are independent of each other. Know what that means? It means that if you've opened multiple tabs and if any one or more of them crashes due to some reasons, then the whole browser won't go down, like in firefox you had to close the whole browser and then restore the session again.

All you have to do in chrome, if such things happen is to right-click on top bar, choose the task manager and end the task of troublesome tab, just like the windows task manager, and that particular tab will be closed, without disturbing any other tabs. Smart, isn't it?

Google Chrome's booting time is insanely fast, much faster than firefox, in my laptop, firefox takes upto 20 second approx to start, while chrome takes only 4-5 seconds. Might be possible that this is becaue my firefox is loaded with tons of extensions and plugins, and this browser isn't, but anyway its bootup time is really fast. BTW, I didn't have to install flash player to watch youtube from it, It was already there!

All and all, this browser looks and feels great, but the only advantage I'm "really" getting by using this browser is max space on my screen for viewing webpages, but thats not the enough reason for quitting on firefox, there are no themes or addons available at the current moment, nor they have given any particular support for their online apps like docs, map, youtube etc etc which I use heavily when I'm online, so until they come up with more stuff then only under-the-hood developments, I'm not giving up on firefox! What about you? :)

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iPhone, gPhone, Whats Next?

The long awaited iPhone 3G recently hit the market and with the 3G and GPS capability, it has definitely become the centre of attraction for mobile and gadgets lovers, however there have been some issues with it, like expensive data plan rates, poor reception and several others.

Recently, there's been buzz about the all new gPhone, a mobile phone Operating System engineered by Google Inc, which promises improved graphics, security and user experience. Its SDK kit is already out, yet it doesn't have so many applications or features, but it surely has the potential to become a powerful mobile platform.

So what the user should do? Run towards store and spend money again on buying the expensive phone when its out? Most people wouldn't like that because they have recently invested on their iPhone, as it was promised to be the best phone ever made, but in the world of Electronics, the stuff becomes outdated, the moment it leaves the store. So what should we really opt for? If you are thinking of buying a perfect phone, I think I have found one for you :)

Meet the Nokia N810 WiMax Editon. The phone has it all, GPS, VoIP, Wi-Fi, WiMax, Webcam, expandable memory and a powerful OS (Not any Symbian Version, but a linux OS for tablet PCs). All this is available for around $400 (Unlocked Phone's Price)

What gives it edge over all other phones is WiMax. You can have several softwares, tons of them on any phone which surely will fullfill some requiremnts or yours, but what they all collectively lack is Connectivity Speed. 3G is not even close to WiMax, when it comes to Internet browsing and Online surfing, leave 2G services aside of this. More bandwidth means more speed, faster work and performance, an option for smoother video conferencing and a lot more. As long as softwares are concerned, I'm sure that its OS is a fruitful ground to play on.

Though it lacks the standard carrier option, It might give you an advantage of avoiding expensive data plans, and you can rather buy cheap Internet and make calls from anywhere via VoIP for free or low rates.

So, here's your new big piece of technology for low price. Don't get caught in the hype of iPhone and gPhone, make sensible decisons.

Here's a youtube video, demonstrating the usage of phone. Read more ...

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